Food of China Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Cuban Lechón Asado ~ Pig Roast in the La Caja China

In this video I show you how to cook a whole pig in 5 hours using the La Caja China Roasting Box. I am still stoked on how well this 67 pound pig turned out.

Taste Testing Chinese food - Homemade [Kult America]

A few weeks ago I met really nice people from China - Angela and Min, and they decided to feed me traditional Chinese food. My perception of this cuisine was ...

Cooking mania Cultural dishes Tuto Toons Gameplay FREE GAME Video ios app


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Tiangong-2 launch review: China launches space lab into orbit

With the successful launch of Tiangong-2, China is one step closer to achieving its ambition of building a manned space station by around 2022. Please take a ...

Caveman Survival Meat - FOOD REVIEW

Get the JAKATAK app FREE for iPhone/iPad: Android Phones/Tablets: Here is the recipe: 8 tortillas 1 can of Survival ...

China food regulation: New rules for online sale of homemade food

Selling homemade food online is one of the latest internet sensations in China. However, the quality of the food and its delivery need to be regulated.

easy chinese writing (simplified) - I write chinese iPad App Demo - CrazMikesapps

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The Most Shameless Overwatch Rip-Off Ever Made

Overwatch is an incredibly successful Hero Shooter that was released by Blizzard Entertainment/Activision this year, As with any successful emerging genre ...

Chinese hand-made dumplings become popular in Paris

Paris is famous worldwide for its French cuisine, but there's a traditional Chinese restaurant in the "City of Love" that has become the favorite of many locals.